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Chocolate, Puppies & Dirt Help Avoid Creative Catastrophe

Chocolate, Puppies & Dirt Help Avoid Creative CatastropheFor me they are all linked in their ability to ground my creative fires.

You can’t whirl around on the fumes of creative energy all the time. Sooner or later you’ll fly smack into a wall and crash. The graveyard of artists who have is vast. Some will say it’s the risk you take if you want to create. Mm, maybe there’s a skill set to learn called touchdown. Call the tower for landing instructions. Come in from the pasture, down off the mountain or in from the storm. Name your own mooring with the flavors of your otherworldly inspiration. Claim this creative time-space as your retrieval destination. How? Set a timer, have a friend call, create a few ritual habits so you must take a necessity break.  And, keep plenty of what helps you ground yourself primed and ready. For me chocolate, pets and real bits of earth do nicely.

Ask any painter what the color of dirt is and you’ll learn a hundred colors.

The opportunities to create your own landing strip is no less rich. I knew a healer who worked in the upper floors of a building and kept a large stone under his feet to sense the earth beneath him at all times. I garden keeping plenty of plants and other natural items indoors to help me sense the safety of home planet. Pets have always been work mates and seem to intuit my needs getting my attention to quit work before I get into trouble. Look into the sweet blues eyes of a puppy that are endlessly hopeful, innocent, entertaining and full of love, wonder and excitement. Just the thing to call you out of your creative firing and alight back in your nest.

Keep piles of chocolate.

The good stuff that makes you salivate with desire for brain chemical pleasure! I always carry it when teaching, because I love to whip up creative fires for participants to experience their own creative force. Chocolate has been used for centuries to ground the spirit and I’ve watched its magic work a crowd a thousand times.

If you create, remember to make up a way out. When you plan work time figure out what you need to shut your creating all down and come back home to the world of your friends and family. Touchdown now and then to stay sane.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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