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Don’t Let Your Limitations Limit You

It’s easy to say, “I don’t know how,” “I never learned how to do that,” or “I’m not good with technology.”

These kinds of statements pay homage to your limitations. They showcase your lack of knowledge. Okay, so you don’t know how to do something. Why should that stop you?

When you were born you couldn’t walk. But, you learned how. When you were a kid you couldn’t ride a bike. You fell off many times, but you finally learned to stay on. When you were a teen couldn’t drive. But, after lessons you drove down the street.

If you want something badly enough, you’ll learn it.

So when did that change? When did you decide you couldn’t? When did you believe it’s too hard? When did you accept the fact that you didn’t know how?

When did you start to let your limitations limit you?

It wasn’t when you were a kid. It wasn’t when you were a teen. And, it shouldn’t be now that you’re an adult. Did you manage to graduate high school, college, or graduate school? Did you earn those degrees or other certifications? Did you set personal goals and meet some of them?

If you conquered all those challenges why should anything block you now? If you’re not fluent in social media, jump in. If you’re not digitally adept, learn from someone who is. If you don’t know how to use a particular software, take a class. In other words, if you want to learn a skill, don’t talk yourself out of it.

If you had a desire to do something, the first step is to believe you can. Then, you will. Of course it will take effort, focus and dedication, but it’s worth it. It always is. Anything worth doing takes time. In fact, it usually takes longer than you expected. Consider home renovations, job searches and even promotions.

Maybe you didn’t know how to write a report or how to gather research. After someone showed you how, you could do it. All you ever need is a mentor, an online tutorial or an on-site course paired with your own motivation. If you could use a little boost, ask yourself this question:

How much is that limitation limiting my professional or personal growth?

If it’s important enough, you’ll find a way to gain that skill. What would it cost you if you didn’t know it? Would you be passed over for a promotion? Would you be considered a dinosaur in your field? Would you become a minor player rather than a leader in your corporation?

What’s the price you’re willing to pay to let your limitations limit you?

Decide right now if you can live comfortably with that answer before you resign yourself to failure. You don’t have to. You don’t need to. You only have to need to remove that limitation. Are you willing to remove the mental barriers you’ve put up? Are you eager to break down a few educational boundaries? Are you prepared to push past the restricted territories you’ve established? Go on and break through.

Watch your limitations surrender while you succeed.

Margo Berman is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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