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Friendships, Integrity, A Legacy! The Link

The news took my breath away.

When I heard on the news on January 30th, 2013; “A Newport Beach Doctor was shot by a patient”; I froze and couldn’t concentrate on anything for the remaininder of the day.

I thought to myself, how could that be? And why? What could be the reason?

I became very interested in the event and wanted to know as much as possible about it. I felt a certain closeness and as news poured out more information about the event I found myself more and more drawn to it and absorbed in the story.

I did not know Dr. Ron Gilbert but I heard of him from mutual friends stating: He was a spectacular human being with tremendous faith and the love for God and prayer. A true family man. A fantastic Doctor, leaving behind a lovely wife and two delightful sons.

The exceptional person.

All I heard was positive and kind and exceptional and the more I heard about Dr. Gilbert the more I got disturbed and upset about the unexpected event; mistaken identity by the patient and a total mishap ending the life of such a profound man of substance.

I was upset and all I could think of at the time was how could I be of help and spread word about Dr. Gilbert.

Moving fast forward several months down the line I had the privilege of speaking with Jeff Abraham about a phenomenal revolutionary product. Promescent is a patented Lidocaine-based desensitizing topical spray that sells for $79.95 available over the counter. This product can help one in every three men who suffer from premature ejaculation and according to Mayo Clinic it has no more side effects than anti-depressants. In my personal belief this product goes much deeper than that; it increases men’s self esteem, focus, efficiency at work, confidence carried out in all facets of life and business. And furthermore create a healthier and happier relationship with partners. Can we ask for more than that?

What makes this product so meaningful and how is it linked to Dr. Ron Gilbert. Simply and deeply; it is a product discovered by Dr. Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert and Jeff had a powerful and honorable friendship for over 18 years prior to the tragic event.  Coming to full circle and as they say; pay it forward! I am thrilled that I had a chance to speak to Jeff Abraham.

There is a dual emotional sensation wrapped around this product; the success that Dr. Gilbert did not witness and the desire to keep his legacy alive for his family and his loved ones; Jeff is so passionate and determined to do and follow. 

Success and so much more.

The product received tremendous media attention; all the way from Dr. Oz to the Orange County Register and the Steve Harvey Show.

Indeed Promescnet is making thousands of people happy and smiling and as a token of appreciation and respect towards Dr. Gilbert we need to support the exposure.

Jeff Abraham, I take my hat off to you for your dedication, your love of a friend and your commitment to make a difference in the world. After the event, Jeff was so touched he got up and made a huge life change relocating from familiarity and comfort zone; Orange County to Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is what I call integrity, drive and total unconditional giving.

Sometimes life is a bundle of joy and at other times a bundle of pain but regardless of the disparity we must think always of the people who crossed our path and the special purpose they stood for and never give up.

Ana Weber is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.