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Don’t Let Your Creative Tank Run Empty

Don’t Let Your Creative Tank Run EmptyCreativity needs constant fuel to produce its wonders.

If you’re a creative type you probably know all about how you need to feed your artistic flair, but sometimes we run out of energy and we need a fast juicing.

Here’s how to fill up your creative tank in three simple steps.

There are No Rules to this exploration. It is all about having an experience. Flip your brain into observation mode and go – see – do as much as you can. Everything is fair game when it comes to finding inspiration. It could be the napkin ideas at your coffee shop or the skyscraper windows capturing light. First – Seek inspiration. Open your eyes, your nose, your taste buds, use your hands and fingers or any part of your body, and listen deeply. Find the undertones of the world as you move within it. Feel for a freshness of new sensations, and don’t forget to include the old ones. The marriage of new and old experiences blends into a rich and saucy inspiration. Just the thing to quench an empty creative tank! Second – Snap it. Capture it quickly and don’t edit. Use you smartphone camera to take a photo or record sound or make a brief video. My friends know that if I suddenly stop or vanish it’s most likely that I’m taking a photo of something strange. I confess I have thousands of digital images, and yes I keep many of the badly focused ones, too. I refer to them often because they give me ideas for color and form to use in my abstract paintings. It doesn’t matter how you capture your inspirations. It’s important that you find a way that works quickly, efficiently and is useful for you to reflect upon later. Third – Play with it. Write about what you discovered and how you feel inspired by it. Doodle capturing parts of its form or movement.  Dance with it like it’s a new lover. Tune in to whatever caught your interest. Hear its rhythm and listen to its song. Sing about or with it or play your musical instrument.

Make a game of it and have lots of fun exploring.

Let your curious little kid thinker be your guide and go down any path. Discover and reclaim that playfulness you had as a child and don’t allow adult notions to interfere. Your creativity will be zooming!

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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