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Old Dogs, New Art Tricks

I’ve found a few new tools to make it possible for me to create something on an almost daily basis.

This is a very good practice to incorporate into my routine. Of course, I’ve had some pitfalls to navigate, like learning to use a new portable device is always a challenge. Overall I discovered that some rewards are useful and help me create some pretty cool artwork. I’m talking about making digital paintings or drawings. I try to make one every day on my tablet. It’s always handy – guess that’s why the device is called a portable. As a result I’m finding new ways to make my artwork accessible, to me and the world as I choose.

Apps are becoming more interesting to me and I’m looking at them as if they were another brush or palette knife.

Some have lots of tools within their programs to make a multitude of marks, and others will even spin mine into something else altogether.  The techno language is always a bother to decipher and the hipster marketing can get in the way for me to understand exactly what the app can do. However, the wisdom of age has given me a vast pool of experience to equate the meaning of their descriptions and needing only a few hip words I can translate. The instructions are easily digested because they’re built on the same old school platforms and magically I can dazzle my ability to a younger crowd with just a few sweeps across the screen. Although that comes from years of practice across paper and canvas.

Some of the differences I notice are the dimensional quality that cannot replicate the tactile experience.

No matter how good the screen resolution, the sense of place, and feeling the painting breathe the same air as you will never be available to digital art. You just can’t run your fingers over it and read the artist’s stroke of genius.

You can instantly blast your digital creations out to the world! This is the most amazing part of this artistic evolution, and it probably is the marker of our generation’s gift to the world of art. What took Michelangelo years to accomplish and few could see can now be painted in hours – AND universally shared with everyone!

I’m getting to be an older dog and I love new tricks! How about you? Can you learn new tricks too?

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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