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Podcast: Single But Not Alone

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Podcast: Single But Not AlonePastor Linda Marie Abu-Hamid is the author of Single But Not Alone.  She draws on her own experiences as a single mother to share how you can always find support when you have faith, and that strength can help avoid heartache that singleness often brings.

Single But Not Alone

  • What type of heartaches did you experience as a single mom?
  • Does this all change when you find someone?
  • How has your faith helped you through?
  • What can you discover about yourself during the hard times?
  • What are some practical examples we can apply to our daily lives?

The book Single but not alone is available at Amazon: www.amazon.com  Barnes and Noble:  www.barnesandnoble.com and iBooks.  Her website is www.spokenwordcsd.com.  Should you like to schedule an interview with Linda Marie Abu-Hamid, contact Janet Carson at 760-208-4990 or janet@justinsachscompanies.com.

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