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Podcast: Secrets to the Feminine Art of a Beautiful Life

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Debra Brown Gordy MS MRET is a Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor and founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute where she works with accomplished female professionals who hunger for more love and fulfillment, who want to get their lives on track so they can have a loving marriage and joyful life, along with their career success.  Through her flagship program, Freeing the Heroine Within You to Flourish, she empowers women to create lives and marriages that make their hearts sing with joy.

Secrets to the Feminine Art of a Beautiful Life

  • What is the biggest mistake women professionals make that disconnects them from their joy and the deeply fulfilling lives they crave?
  • Is there a pathway or process that really works instead, to change your life and make your dreams a reality?
  • What are three things listeners most need to know, that if they put them into action can change their lives?
  • Where is the source of a woman’s creative power, and how can she connect with it?
  • What is the NUMBER ONE secret to living your dreams that most women professionals miss?

Debra Brown Gordy is the author of the forth-coming book, Cinderella Wisdom, and creator of Freeing the Heroine Within You to Flourish! Connect with her online and receive her free article series, The 5 Secrets to Creating Soul-satisfying Love at TheSophiaWomensInstitute.com.

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