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You and Time

Even though it’s bitterly cold and snowy, the calendar tells me we’re already into the thawing season.

old fashioned clockA third of 2015 is nigh being reached and no doubt you’re wondering where the time went or is going – with or without you. Time is fascinating – not to be seen or heard or felt but so “present” in your life.  Can you go a day without saying, “What time is it?” “I haven’t got time,” “Wish there were more hours in a day”, “This is a waste of time.”  Can you really get away from using time as a context for your life experiences?  No.  But you can put yourself in a frame of mind where time does not rule or overwhelm you with its omnipresence.  How can you do this?  Let me explain.

The more emphasis you put on deciding and then controlling the circumstances of your life, the more beholden you become to the outcome – the consequences of your decisions.  There is stress in forming expectations based on logical inferences: “if I do this, then this will happen.”  And if we take this argument still further: “if I am a good girl or boy then good things will happen to me.”  All this careful thinking is based on a sequence of steps occurring over a period – which of course involves time and its passing.  The logical mind works this way and we accept our logical mind as being accurate and truthful.

You can probably see where I am going with this.

Obviously these best laid plans, these well-thought out patterns of behavior you have created DO NOT always lead to the desired outcome.  In fact, sometimes your world is turned on its head by what actually happens instead: you’re fired from your job; your partner asks for a divorce; a favorite aunt dies suddenly; the bonus doesn’t come through.  What?! How can this happen to me – I did everything right…

Relying on externals of which time is one, can lead to profound disappointment and disillusionment especially when an approach of A – B – C is used where D is assumed to come next.  The ordered life that you yearn for is not yours to have in this world.  The maturity to face your life experiences as they happen in all their unpredictability, allows you to dispense with the feeling of being mastered by time.  There’s no stock – no power in it – when you know and accept that living in the moment without thinking about the past or the future is the way to go – BE on this planet.

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