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You Are Valuable During Each Life Session

You Are Valuable During Each Life SessionYou are a blank slate as of this breath, neutral.

Whether you were very kind to many or you forgot to be, or became scared to be, you are loved. You are valuable. Whether you succeeded at your most yearned for endeavors, or fell short, or were too frozen to even try, you are loved. You are valuable.

If you experienced a love of your life for all of your life, or if you had many relationships, or you experienced most of life in solitude you are loved. You are valuable. If the dreams of partnership were fulfilled or betrayed or both you are loved.

If you were told you were wonderful or judged by those who had no clue of who you were, your value was not tethered by any of it. You are valuable. When people praised, insulted, complemented, turned against, or advised you poorly, you remained fully valuable.

If your body was healthy or ill because of things you did or did not do, because of luck or because of habits, you remained fully valuable. If you had highly effective habits, or struggled with self-defeating ones you were equally valuable and love.

If people saw you clearly, or made of all kinds of good or bad about you, you stayed fully valuable in the eyes of Creation’s Love.

If you felt joyful or caring, jealous or competitive, kind or generous, selfish or scared, you remained fully valuable.

When you were thoughtful, considerate, kind, caring, generous and when you were to hurt to try again, you were very valuable.

When you were understood, and when you were perceived, your intentions were valuable and clear as can be to the sky, ground, oceans, and sun!

You are a unique flavor created by a force so much bigger than you alone. You are grace to all of life.

If you aspired to an ideal and could not come close to it you remained fully valuable.

When I sit with anyone for a session or reading, to assist that person or animal, I do not know the complexity of their intentions, challenges, many breaths on earth. I know one thing. That person is fully lovable and valuable.

If someone else appeared to have it better, do it better, look better, hold it together better, you staid as valuable as that one in the eyes of the Universal Love.

If you felt confident throughout the days or wounded to the core, you were one hundred percent valuable. Bless you.

You are the only one of you. You have a unique flavor.

Your joys and sorrows are a gift to all of us. All you feel, think, perceive, and attempt is a great contribution to us all.

You are a neutral slate. What would you like to be now? You have an unlimited bank account of good qualities to play with. What do you choose now?

Regardless of what you choose, you are valuable to all of us. Thank you for being you.

From All Beings to All Beings.

Read more posts by Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, PhD here. Dr. Moore blogs for JenningsWire.


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