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Podcast: Changing Your Life Despite Your Circumstances

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The Change Is NowZelda Hayes is also known as LadyZee, author of Jezebels Last Dance: It’s Every Woman’s Story, which sets the stage of how trauma from childhood to adulthood play a huge part in the choices we make in love and life itself.

Changing Your Life Despite Your Circumstances

  • What are the four things you need to know that can change your life?
  • Where are you making your biggest mistake?
  • Are you sabotaging your life?
  • What is the #1 reason your love life is unsatisfying?
  • Are your life expectations normal?

You can read more about Zelda Hayes, her latest book Jezebel’s Last Dance at www.zeldamhayes.com. Other books by Zelda Hayes include The Power of A Woman: A step by step guide for women to get back on track

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