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Running On Empty!

Are we running away from our reality?

Where does everyone rush to? Do we enjoy the passage between our destinations? These are deep questions some of us prefer to ignore and others choose not to answer. Why bother if we can live a simple life; enjoy all the newest gadgets; text instead of call; why create the intimacy? After all most importantly we want to have fun in life; no stress; no anxieties and no problems. If we only could!

Reality sinks in and with time we come to the realization that life is not a picnic. In the process of pursuing the ultimate goal (success, love and slowing down the aging process) we need to honor and validate our emotions. Emotions charge and recharge our feelings.  Life without feelings is merely an existence. We want more than that!

We must race with time, flow with technology, and keep up with the news and all that is going on in the world. Trust me; there is lots going on everywhere.

So how can we cope with so much?

We get overwhelmed and our emotional state of mind stops us from growing, learning, understanding, letting go and finding the happiness we seek.

Indeed, it’s not easy and no one promised us it’s going to be rosy. Dealing with a challenge and walking through is a stress reducing factor. We can no longer sweep the unpleasant events damaging our spirit and our passion for life under the rug.

Where can we start? Register in our minds the simple fact that our childhood years and our childhood experiences design the foundation of our emotional strengths and our emotional weaknesses. These emotions are a core solid blueprint to life and the way we master life and it’s challenges.

Running on Empty is expressing the emotional neglect so many children experience through the first 10 years of their lives.  Emotional support is the vital seed providing a healthy and a fruitful blueprint to our children’s lives. Some parents express tremendous love for their children and others spoil their kids with everything they possibly can (tangible things) so what is emotional support? Where do we go wrong as parents?

Parenting is a paradox and there is no manual or instructions book to go by and follow.

Children from the same parents can be so different and so unique; some need more patience; more time with their homework; more athletic activities; more discipline and the list goes on and on….. But the common need they all have is emotional support.

How can we define emotional support? Running on Empty, written by Jonice Webb PHD. Is the first self help book on emotional neglect. It is addressed to all the parents around the world. Jonice takes us by our hands and leads us to the questions and answers we are looking for and relate to so beautifully.

While she has been practicing psychology for over 20 years she quotes: many people have arrived to her office driven by the threat of divorce or the onset of depression or by loneliness. They would say “something is wrong with me” if you are one of them; please know that you are not alone.

Running is a great exercise and empty can be associated with so many things in life; an empty container you can fill with a great lunch to take to work, or an empty desk you clean before placing your paperwork and your computer on. But when we place the two words side by side we create the awareness and the impact these words have on our lives.

We’ve got to be careful how far we run and where we land!

Ana Weber is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.