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The Brain: Engine For Success

People claim that we only use up to 10% of our brain.

The brain is the engine activating our thinking, our behavior and most importantly creating the results; the way we live our lives.

Are we living in a lazy brain society? Since technology is advancing each and every day, we find easier, quicker and more effective ways to accomplish our tasks; at school, at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Years ago as I remember back in Europe we had no calculators, no typewriters and definitely no computers or cell phones.

We added numbers without calculators, we wrote letters to our loved ones and did our homework by writing each paper by hand and we spoke with people in person.

Today it’s needless to say we have all the most amazing innovative gadgets at our fingertips so why think? Why use the brain? And why make our lives harder than what it is?

We are given the engine building our path to success and a fulfilling life so why not?

When we utilize our brains we step out of our comfort zone but at the same time we are making huge progress in our daily lives.

We feel more content by accomplishing more, stimulated with what we do and share with others and we become less emotional and less overwhelmed and angry. We know how to reach out and receive more information about the things we become passionate about and we learn how to juggle more; multi tasking and we love it.

People ask me how do you manage to do so much; keep 3 careers at the same time and express so much love for all that you do? I befriend life and I flow with it.

Today this makes more sense to me than ever. I had a lovely conversation with Ann Herrmann. She is the CEO to Herrmann International, an organization originally founded by Ann’s Father.  He as a scientist devoted years of his life to research and brain function and developed a program to help and introduce to organizations the necessary and functional tools on how to increase a company’s overall brain usage from 30% to higher numbers.

By implementing such programs and valuable tools companies increase efficiency, production, motivation, overall moral, sales and ultimately business success. The key is in the thinking approach and that is what Herrman International is all about.

Indeed as we think it shall be! Thinking is igniting the start button to our actions and to the results formed by our actions. Thinking is powerful and effective. Living a life filled with actions and demands filtering and shaping our thinking will ultimately contribute to the outcome we so deeply seek in our lives.

The brain is an engine we must fuel, recharge and most importantly cherish always.

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