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The Power Of A ‘Thank You’ Note

When I was a little girl, my father would always say that the best part about receiving a gift, was the chance to say, “thank you”.

I never really understood that back then, because sitting down at the dining room table with a box of crayons and a folded sheet of typing paper in preparation for my “very best printing and a nice picture to go with it”, never seemed like nearly as much fun as receiving a package, tearing through the ribbons and paper, and then enjoying a brand new toy, book or tea set…

Thank you cards after Christmas seemed to take me all Saturday and leave me feeling sure that I was the only 8 year old with early onset writers cramp, and birthdays were the same story…thank you card after thank you card, each complete with a masterpiece in a Crayola medium, and signed in my very best printing.

One early Sunday morning, not long ago, I woke to the sound of rain, tapping gently and persistently on my windowpane, as if to summon my presence.  I slipped my feet into my slippers, let the dogs out into the rain, and started a kettle of boiling water on the stove in preparation for hot tea, and when it was finished, I let the dogs in, poured my tea, grabbed favorite pen and my box of stationary, and headed to the dining room table.

These are not just “thank you” notes I’m writing.

They are not only a powerful acknowledgement for the person who so graciously gives, but just as importantly, and some might argue more-so, they serve a personal anchor in your heart.  The outward expression of gratitude seals the deal, locks in the flavor, creates a circle, a cycle, a tangible power harnessed within just two powerful words, which when simply expressed, create an energy all their own, filling the heart-space, and permeating the shared energies that light up our souls.

“Thank You”, like “I love You” is a phrase we know by heart; as staples in our language, and the expected in our culture, they’re words we say without even thinking, and likely come as naturally as “Bless You” when you hear someone sneeze.  “Thank you”, like “Bless You”, is a positive declaration statement.

I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again: the perspective from which we speak, write and think have a direct effect on the experience or experiences that we’re having in our lives, and the emotions we’re feeling play a dynamic role in how we come to see, know and love our true selves, as well as how we come to see, know and love others.

Is it time to say ” thank you” to someone in your life?  To whom would you say “thank you”, and why?

Today, reach out in gratitude to the first 3 people who come to the forefront of your mind, and simply say “thank you”.  

Notice what you notice, and remember this: what we see and appreciate in others, is a direct reflection of what is within ourselves.

(As it turned out, Dad was right.  The sweetest gift there is to give, is the gift of a grateful heart.  I think I’ll send him a “thank you” note.)

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