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Tick-Tock: Is Purpose Your Ally or Foe?

It depends…from which viewpoint?

annie jennings pr, j.a. rodriguez, jenningswire, purpose, life-goals, goals, meaningWe’ve all heard the familiar story. Two siblings from a respected family, at the moment of decision, elect different paths upon reaching life’s forked roads. One continues the family tradition of honor, integrity, unity, and community service. The other paves a path of destruction in his wake as he leads a life that preys on the dreams of the unsuspecting. Both steadfast on their purpose and seemingly proud of their accomplishments; each is admired by their inner circle, one by virtue of righteousness, the other by virtue of deceitfulness.

So which one is successful? Does the concept of purpose define the level of success or is it the foundational pillar that sustains the way? Is purpose, ally or foe, a matter of choice or a matter of fact?

It turns out the answers to these questions are nestled within the purview of perspective. Often the determination of whether all is good or whether all is something other than good is heavily dependent on your view of the world and the impact your choices have on it. In most cases, minor perspective shifts are the difference between securing a life of fulfillment and assuring a life of full of regrets.

Success as viewed through the eyes of accomplishment.

Both brothers awaken each day with the promise of another opportunity to fulfill their purpose, their dreams; one by morning, the other by night. They both feel the pressures of failure, vowing not to let it gain the upper hand. They set their sights on a mission full of promise and accomplishment as driven by the desire to succeed against all odds. They confront each challenge with the same veracity as their family has done for generations. They approach their chosen life’s work with the same confidence, the same willpower, and the same desires, each longing for the day when somehow they are closer to fulfilling their view of achievement. They rest their tired bodies at the end of the day knowing (hoping) that tomorrow offers yet another opportunity, perhaps another chance to reach the pinnacle of their dreams.

Each brother views his level of success through the eyes of accomplishment; the accomplishment of another milestone on the long and rocky road of success. Through the magical power of perspective, they are both successful in their own way; one by contributing to the betterment of the world, the other by preying on it.

Purpose: the foundational pillar

Regardless of individual perspective, a complete measure of success must include an element of the greater good. What is it that contributes to the betterment of others? What in your life’s purpose infuses those around you with the invigorating feeling that only materializes when this end is met?

Although overall purpose is a foundational pillar in building a positive life, it is purpose the ally that drives positive results, that converts negative energy into a positive force, that focuses only on finding solutions, and that bestows strength when weakness is all around you.

Purpose the foe is the entity that introduces feelings of helplessness, depressiveness, and hopelessness wherever it is allowed to flourish. It is an entity; a parasite that strips all that is good from you and others and thrives in a world that preys on the weak and the strong alike. Purpose the foe disguises itself as an ally at the expense of greatness. It is, in the end, the likely reason why some feel that they are lost, that they have not achieved a sound and fulfilled life.

The concept of purpose per say does not define the level of success. It is however, the foundational pillar that leads you there, one way or another, not by chance, but because you willed it so.


One brother elected purpose the ally, the other, purpose the foe. Each brother is successful at meeting this end. Only one, however, is truly successful in consideration of the greater good.

According to most experts, we can expect to live to about seventy eight years old. If this seems like a long time away, benchmark your perspective with an eighty year old. The salient question is then how many more field trips around the sun do you have left?

One trip around our galaxy reportedly takes 256 million years. In relation to one galactic year, our life expectancy is approximately 9.5 seconds.

Consider doing the math. Armed with this reality, are you then committed to sharing your remaining trips around life’s forked roads hand-in-hand with purpose the ally or purpose the foe? Tick-tock…


J.A. Rodriguez is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.

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