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Time Is Of The Essence

Classic Rock Band the “Guess Who” sang, “No time…no time…got got got got no time.”

In the same song, they also warned “No time left to lose.”  We also put much faith into “time healing all wounds.”  Bob Dylan wrote, “Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast…”  “Take your time.”  “Time out.”  “Better luck next time.”  “You will know when it’s time.”  Jim Croce wanted dreamed of “Saving time in a bottle.”  The world is filled with a pre-occupation of time.  I figured it’s time to take the time to really give time some attention.  So, ”Got a minute?”

These days more than ever, no one seems to “have the time” they need to get things done.

We tell ourselves we’ll “get to it,” or promise ourselves when “we’re ready” to begin an important task, then we’ll get to it.  (Do we ever really do this?).  How many times have you heard yourself say something like, “Yeah, I really need to call Aunt Jean as soon as I can find the time…”   Where does one go to “look” for time anyway? We believe and act as if we will find it somewhere, but the truth is time is nowhere to be found.  “One of these days,” is truly “None of these days!”

In Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction, I dedicate a chapter to time.  Many of us live our lives, and walk around with the false notion that somewhere in the world we have a fortune of time stashed away in a bank collecting interest.  This misconception not only causes stress and anxiety for us because the “myth” merely creates procrastination that in our subconscious we know to be false, and therefore stagnates our productivity and growth, but more importantly, creates depression and feelings of inferiority because we see people around us living life, and getting things done.  “Where do you find the time to do all of that?”  (What do “those people” know that we don’t?).

“Oh…she has a husband that works all day so she doesn’t have to!”  Or, “he inherited so much money he can fly-off to the South of France whenever he wants.  I have to work for a living!”  Those things may be true.  However…they may not!  Perhaps “those people” know what their most valuable asset is, and aren’t afraid to spend it!

“He who hesitates is lost” rings very true.

The Most precious, valuable, priceless, irreplaceable, non-refundable, limited, unpredicatable, undetermined, super-colossal  gift we have in this life is (want to guess?) …time!  time!  time!  The gift of time is “given” to us, “bestowed” upon us, or “inherited” by God, Nature, or whoever/whatever you believe.  It is ours to use.  Not to waste or falsely believe in having an infinite amount of it to “withdraw” from “someday.”  Our “ration” could be gone tomorrow.  We have no idea and this is why “time is of the essence!”

There exists no “when this happens when that happens” miracle.  Why do so many of us wait in vain for the Queen Mary or Ed McMahon to arrive at our front door, and make all or our “problems” do away?  Having the “Dream House,” or “Perfect Job,” will not bring happiness.  More importantly, realize that you do not have time to wait for such things.  Mr. Wonderful or Miss Right will never vaporize into form while we wait.  Yet…time after time we wait..and wait..and wait.   Guess what?  It is time to change that thinking.

Now is the time.  Without taking risks in life, we will never achieve.  My parents always said to me, “Tomorrow never comes.”  It took me many years to understand what that meant.  We have today.  Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will become today if we are so lucky.  So we truly only have today, this moment. Use it!

Call Aunt Jean.

Get that hair done.  Enjoy your children.  Talk to your boss.  Take that class.  Ask that woman at the train station to dinner.  Paint the kitchen.  DO something, but do it now.  The Motown Band, chairman of the board asked to “Give Me Just a Little More Time,” but who were they asking?  We are all born, and there is a pre-planned amount of time for all of us. I cannot stress this enough.  Procrastination and “putting things off until…” only serve to cause us grief, frustration, anxiety and depression.  If “Aunt Jean” needs you, call her!  If she loses her time, you and she will be much more at peace that you gave her some time. Valuable time!  Irreplaceable time!!!

Hey Leo!  I have “too much time” on my hands!  I wish I had people to do things with, go places with, yet, I sit at home alone all of the “time.”  Well, you are not using your time either.  Get out.  Join a gym.  Get involved with something.  Volunteer, join a book club, go walking at the park.  No one is going to knock on your door and “fill your time.”

Do you see how this works?  The clock is ticking and your life is ticking too.  We are all responsible for our own happiness, and time does not wait or “give us credit!”  Be excited now! Today!  At this very moment!  There is nothing at all to lose….except, time!

Leo Battenhausen is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.