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Is Tolerance Always The Best (Wisest) Choice?

Is Tolerance Always The Best (Wisest) Choice?People seem to be generally pretty confused nowadays.

Emotions are running strong, and there are very deep feelings as to what set of values we should adhere to.  This is certainly contained within the polarized decisions of the upcoming Election, but it is also by and large pervasive within society as well.

The section of society that wants to be all-inclusive, to tolerate differences, and to be open-hearted is much in fashion.  But at the same time, there are forces at work that are consciously destructive and mean-spirited, and can even be defined by that old-fashioned word “evil”.  People who quite deliberately seek to harm others and foster chaos fall into this category, and are also deeply emotional, even passionate, about these choices.  Some of these sorts of individuals are suffering from mental disorders but others are suffering from twisted beliefs.  This is a true statement because the very definition of accruing negative karma is an action that harms another, especially intentionally.  And most right-minded folk don’t want to accrue negative karma since it is exactly that which causes suffering!

The word “tolerance” in the dictionary is defined as “the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.”

To tolerate something implies that it is not to your liking; it doesn’t resonate with your own vibration.  It is dissonant to your feelings or your beliefs.  So tolerance as a behavior means putting up with or allowing that which calls to you to repudiate.

I believe we’re in an era of evolution of humanity, and these stresses and pressures are part of this process.  We’re being asked to love one’s neighbor, one’s fellow human.  We’re being asked to see humanity as one, without regard to color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or cultural predisposition.  It’s a very idealistic thrust and a great goal.  But many of the human race are not ready, in the sense that they wish to adhere to a culture, belief system, or behavior pattern that harms their fellow humans.  So we can deduce that this represents the painful transformation of a value system or moral compass.

There are behaviors in others that should not be tolerated because they are destructive.  But there are commonalities and similarities that can be embraced and cherished during the transformation through loving kindness.  To tolerate goodhearted people, whatever their role or incarnational choice, is to be wise.  It is to evolve into acceptance, love, and eventually oneness.  But to be gullible, turn a blind eye, and willingly accept evil is to be unwise, impractical, and self-sabotaging.  This is the fine line we walk, and we learn through experience what is desirable and what is not.

What can you tolerate?  This is a major question in this era.

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