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Two Ways to Answer Why

The basic five pejorative questions to ask for expanded learning are: who, what, when, where, and WHY.

An emphasis on the question WHY precipitates an equilibrium change.  You  are moved out of your comfort zone. A deep probe of the question why under-girds shifts.

It is a given that when you know WHY you want something to happen, regardless of what it is, then you can usually make it happen. When you answer why, for any situation, new discoveries emerge. This charge to answer why sometimes becomes such a burning quest that it becomes omnipresent, you just can’t let an answer to the question go.

WHY? is the age-old question of life.

The introspection gained from asking yourself the solid question – why- is a catalyst. It is interesting that answering WHY begins to stimulate your ability to fulfill your unique internal drive. The longer and deeper you probe becomes an internal guide. Your “”why” answers will determine your ability to fulfill your potential, which in turn helps determine the quality of your life. The value line is is “why” specifically for you, especially for you.

It is expected that many will ask why after calamity. Natural disasters, massacres, or other more personal events usually open you to seek answers to these outward occurrences. The good news here is that such occurrences prompt external change such as better school security, stronger building fortification, new laws or other significant changes.  But, it is far more important that you soul-search your own why.

“There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why.” ~William Barclay

Why?  Discover why. As you practice answering this seemingly simple question, and seek solutions and deeper understanding, you become more aware, more inquisitive, and even more reflective.  A quiet why becomes the rotation point that allows you to shift direction. Why instigates a new focus. Why can point to a more aligned place that then allows you to break old patterns which then produces the symmetry and congruency for you to get exactly the breakthroughs you want.

Knowing WHY solidifies your justification for doing something different.

This way, you know what you know. Answering why, for your dream, creates a realization so strong and deep that you can’t let other people, even yourself, tell you no.

When in doubt, pause and answer the question why. Two ways to answer WHY:

  1. Sit down and write your answers to the question why. It does not matter why you are asking why, just answer the question. Let this be your visceral proposal for change.  You may then discover explosive creative ways to get the support you need. You will soon feel the spark of excitement that comes from expanding your norm. Write your answers down now and continue to add to your answers – flashes of insight will come over time.
  2. Read your answers. The answers you write to the pivot question “why” are insights. Read what you write at intervals, but do not dismiss anything you have written.  There’s a reason why you responded this particular way to the question why.  Instead, overlay some of those answers to why with new information that strengthens your original thought.  Review and read your “why” answers and take action. There are a myriad of ways that your “why” can direct you to pinpoints of phenomenal passion.

These two action steps sear your brain and heart.

It creates new passion pathways that can become your pivot for change. In a way, these two ways to answer why become directional in that they often point you to a life path from which to go or not go. Then, let your intuition and fertile drive create the mechanism to make your dreams happen.

WHY is the precursor to the active steps you need to take, regardless of fear or doubt, to spark a breakthrough.

WHY, that is the question only you can truly must answer.

Anita Jefferson, M. Ed., is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.