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What Do You Want To Do With The Rest Of Your Life?

It has to be something, right?

As a start, there is nothing better than honestly and carefully writing a short synopsis of your vision.

Sometimes this is a solution, and people go happily into a new life.  But, NEW LIFE, what is that?

A recent email to me said (paraphrased) “I have a good transition package, and I do want to transition, but not to another job.”

He says he is thinking that he no longer wants to work 5 days a week in an office.  He is burned out on the whole corporate scene (he is with a large entity) and desires flexibility around where he works and when.  He is searching for situation where his impact can be huge.

So, what is he doing to facilitate this new life?

Actually, he is “thinking down”.  He has found a small company that is very low tech, in the building maintenance field.  His strong technical background is something they need.  There is no automation and formal processes in the area of financial management, business development, and marketing. And these areas are actually the essence of what lights this guy from within!

He can provide this!  Due to over two decades of being an expert on one of he world’s largest Insurance companies.  And now he has placed himself right in the middle of an Encore Career.  Not bad.  He understands his accomplishments and can effectively express them.


These areas of need are out there.  The work place of tomorrow is already different, and getting more so.  The job this person is negotiating is what we call a Bridge Job, something to basically get one from here to there.  And it can be used just that way, but a surprising number of workers fall in love with their Bridge Jobs.

His enthusiasm about this new turn is convincing.  He will be advancing his career in a new way, and making a dramatic contribution to the new company’s bottom line.  He knows his core competencies and understands how to articulate them.

Mentally, he is positioning himself on the cutting edge of tomorrow.  He is an established expert presently in an environment that is killing him.  He wants and needs a new challenge, where his expertise will be valued.

Look around for yourself.

Where are the small, low tech, companies in your field of endeavor.  What do they need?  Can they afford it?  Can you perhaps do a small consulting project with them to start?

If you are not working now, or just burned out and tired, think about how to lessen this classic fatigue.  It may indeed be caused by the fact that you have been where you are, perhaps way too long.

Remember:  miracles happen when you least expect them, and they happen through persistence.

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