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What You Can Learn From The Super Bowl

I don’t give two hoots about football.

However, I love that every year so many people rally around a team and an event in such a huge way. The reason for this is simple: Everyone loves a winner.

In other words, in our hearts, we all want to be champions. If we can live vicariously through a team and the players on that team, it allows us to share in their victory—if our team actual wins.

Plus, we get to share in the journey. As we do, we learn important lessons, such as:

  • Hard work pays off. None of the teams or players gets to the Super Bowl without hard work and tenacity. They show up every day for practice despite sore muscles and being told over and over again how they must improve their game.
  • If you set your sights on a goal, you can achieve it. Although not every team makes it to the Super Bowl, and only one wins, the fact that two make it onto the field and one does, indeed, win affirms to us that it is possible to achieve what may see impossible.
  • When you fall down, you must get up. There’s a lot of falling down in football, but the players get up, shake off their pain, and keep going. Even those who get injured, for the most part, heal, go through therapy, and make a come back. This shows us that even set backs, or challenges, can be overcome. Sometimes they even make us stronger, and we still succeed.
  • Teamwork is important. Although it can be hard to get along with others, especially under stress, by watching the teams play we see how important it is for them to communicate well and to work together to succeed. Without that willingness to “play well together,” a team’s likelihood of achieving success decreases considerably.

We also learn something from the team that loses the Super Bowl.

The players don’t give up; they come back next year and try again to make it to the Super Bowl. They also feel disappointed, but some of the players are not afraid to show their emotions. Yet most do not show themselves as bad sports. So we learn about good sportsmanship.

If we are football fans, whether our team wins or loses, the Super Bowl also gives us the chance to connect with others. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve joined with others for a “cause”—to root for others’ success. And their success gives you a sense of hopefulness that you, too, can succeed.

Nina Amir is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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