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Why Does Guilt Reign Supreme In January?

“What’s the point anyway?” “I’m not good enough.” “Here I am with another year gone by and I’m in exactly the same situation…”

Such a nasty emotion guilt is…it can fester in you to the point of immobilization.  And why do guilt feelings overwhelm us once the old year has paid its respects and left us out in the cold?

One reason is the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions – a word that conjures up the intention to self-improve whether it’s to lose weight, eat better, find a more fulfilling job or stop losing your temper with the kids.  We’ve all made resolutions and we’ve all broke them at one point or another.  This vicious cycle has done us no favors.  In fact, January is a month now viewed with trepidation rather than optimism given the weak results of our efforts to “make it a better year”.

Guilt’s not all bad.  It does serve the purpose of igniting our social conscience to do the right thing for ourselves and others.  But when we let guilt overwhelm our ability to make choices and act on goals we’ve established because of a “defeatist” attitude, we’ve got some inner work to do.

What are some steps you can take to get out of your January funk?

  1. Choose one thing – and one thing only that you want to improve in 2014
  2. Pair up with a buddy – a cheerleader who can encourage you, and even better – participate with you
  3.  Create a routine and stick with it: 21 days is what it takes to establish a new habit in your life
  4. Avoid the naysayers.  They’re unhealthy for you physically and psychologically
  5. Be thankful.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Remember you become what you are thinking about.

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