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Parents: The True Force Behind Successful Advocacy

Should we  parents be overruled by teachers and physicians when it comes to our kids’ academic achievement and self-esteem? I say no!  We know our kids better than anyone, and therefore are in the right and best position to advocate for [...]

A Journey Of Discovery: Fact Or Fiction?

I watched a very troubling show last night. It was about the journey of discovery as to who was responsible for consistent injuries to a five year old girl. Initially it was thought to be the result of an angry nanny. All too soon, it was clear [...]

ADHD/ADD: Trouble With Boredom

When was the last time your kid came home and said, “Mom, guess what, I got a really cool worksheet today!!!” My guess is it has not happened to date.    Frankly, the worksheets that I see (and I see tons of them) can be pretty dreadful [...]