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Practice What You Preach

Stress fighter tip #8—Practice what you preach! Recently at the church after talking to a lady about issues going on in my life she stopped me long enough to make her first comment. ‘Aren’t you the one who is always talking about how [...]

Days Of The Week Underpants

Yesterday I bought a 6-pack of new underwear in lieu of doing laundry. Me and laundry are like opposing political parties: we steer clear of each other unless we’re soiling the other’s reputation. By last count I was up to 49 pairs. But [...]

Why Adults Should Dress Up for Halloween

Why should kids have all the fun? I used to dress up as a clown and accompany my children on their Halloween trick-or-treat trips. Instead of a bucket for candy, I carried a wine glass. Sometimes it was meager pickings in my conservative neighborhood, [...]

Five Top Tips for Young Women

There is no need to search for the Elusive Magic Guru of All Answers or schedule appointments with an expensive shrink. Take some free advice from a well-seasoned traveler of life who scrambled out on the positive side of numerous trials and [...]