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Podcast: How Anyone Can Be A Makeup Artist

Listen Here: Kaylin Johnson is a former video game designer who turned a passion for beauty into a career by building her business from the ground up, teaching herself the tools of the trade and developing the network she needed to succeed. [...]

The Celestial Magic Of A Campfire & Friends

To sit around a campfire with a stick while you poke the glowing embers before you, may be one of the most tangible of all visible mysteries of the universe. You stare into pulsing energy that feeds your soul. Warmth comforts your sense of belonging [...]

Podcast: Hollywood Health & Beauty Expert’s Guide To Vitality

Listen Here: Hollywood’s Health & Beauty Expert, Loa Blasucci, is the Award winning author of All Health’s Breaking Loose, and the originator of Mind and Body Sculpting. Loa is a Sports Nutritionist, Fitness and Beauty Expert and [...]

Podcasts: Secrets To Staying Young

Listen Here: Anti-aging and Beauty Expert, Jackie Silver, is a frequent television and radio guest, contributor to and featured expert on numerous beauty, lifestyle and anti-aging websites, including her anti-aging column on JenningsWire. Jackie [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Sweet Acceptance

A conversation with a friend. I remember a very interesting conversation I had with a close male friend of mine my freshman year in college. We were alone at our work-study job on campus having one of our intellectual conversations, as we liked [...]

Music For The Soul! Beauty To The Eye! Words And The Spirit!

Creativity at its highest peak! I’ve been fortunate to attend one of the most delightful events last Friday in Hollywood,California, at the famous Morrison Hotel. It was simply spectacular and dedicated to the latest album “Everything changes” [...]