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They Call Annie The Fixer … The PR Fixer

Was your publicity campaign a total flop? Did you go nowhere fast? And now, do you think it’s too late for your book? What are you going to do next? Call “The Fixer”. The PR Fixer.  Annie Jennings PR. “No campaign is ever [...]

Book PR: Hire A Publicist With The Blink Factor, Here’s Why

Wondering how to hire the right publicist to help you promote your book? There seem to be publicists everywhere. But there is one special thing to look for that helps you make the right choice. Hire the publicist with the “blink factor”. What’s [...]

Real Story: How Frederick Leveraged His Radio Publicity Into Huge New Opportunities!

Listen Here: The Annie Jennings PR Real Story Success Series showcases real author and client success in leveraging Annie’s media bookings as door openers into  huge new opportunities with mega money making potential. In this podcast, [...]

Summer Fun! Share Your Message With Millions Using Radio Talk Shows

Listen Here: THIS SUMMER! Annie Jennings of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR and Stacy Amaral Kauffman, Radio Director for Annie’s firm present a fun and interesting take on why getting booked on radio is a great way to live your [...]

Podcast: Get Booked On TV Shows In Any City

Listen Here: Annie Jennings of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings Publicity presents an action-packed podcast on the benefits of appearing on TV shows in your local city or in any market in the U.S.. Life-changing podcast!  Want to [...]

Five Ways Authors Can Pump Up the Volume

The lure of social media is powerful, particularly for artists, authors and other creative types who’d rather produce than promote. Technology has made it possible to talk, influence, monitor and interact without leaving the comfort (and security) [...]

RoundUp: Book Selling Strategies For Success, What Works, What Does Not!

That’s right. Think party. Book party. Authors say book parties sell books by the dozen. Want to know what they say is the ‘clutch’ strategy for selling books?  It’s not only about hosting a book party but it’s [...]