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The New Motherhood Journey

Podcast: The New Motherhood Journey

E. Danielle Butler of EvyDani Books joins us to share her latest devotional, Thoughts & Prayers for the Postpartum Mom.  She translates the “our thoughts and prayers are with you” cliché into action items to help close the [...]

Podcast: Secrets To Successful Self-Publishing

Listen Here: Connie Corcoran Wilson is a professional writer that has won numerous awards for her content as well as her teaching. Connie founded 3 businesses, taught at 6 colleges and at the junior high school level, and now writes full-time. [...]

Podcast: Digital Publishing How To’s

Listen Here: Ever wanted to publish your own work but did not know where to start?  Got lots of questions about creating an eBook? Gerald Dean Rice is the author of the new eBook, How to Publish on Kindle, Smashwords & Nook the Easy Way! which [...]

Read All About My E-Book And Why Nobody Does

If you are not getting good e-book downloads on your free days, maybe you gave too much of the story away in your description. Everyday I get lists of new books written by independent authors. I love getting the lists. There are so many uses [...]