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Winds of Spirit

Podcast: Winds of Spirit

Renee Baribeau aka “The Practical Shaman” is the Hay House author of  Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine. In this book, readers will be exposed to the ancient secrets of the winds, [...]

A Healing Meditation To Use For Loved Ones Or The World

Here is a healing meditation you can use for loved ones whom you know personally, or people in the news to whom you’d like to send powerful healing energy, such as someone wounded in a terrorist attack, or someone going through a health struggle. The [...]
Kissing Joy As It Flies

Podcast: Kissing Joy As It Flies

Listen Here: Jason Elias has been a leading healing arts practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine for over three decades and is author of Kissing Joy As It Flies: A Journey in Search of Healing & Wholeness, where he shares his astonishing [...]

Podcast: Animals Are Our Best Teachers

Listen Here: Kelly Meister Yetter is the author of Crazy Critter Lady and No Better Medicine. Both books detail her experiences rescuing abused and unwanted animals. Both books also chronicle how caring for animals has helped her heal from [...]

Podcast: What Are Invisible Art Techniques?

Listen Here: Internationally renowned artist Jacqueline Ripstein has inspired thousands of people all over the world through her highly vibrational art, books, self-awareness seminars and workshops. In this podcast, Jacqueline discusses her [...]

Trying Too Hard to Be Healed

As the evening came so did a phone call from our daughter regarding her grandpa who was having chest pains she was concerned about. Fresh out of pacemaker surgery it was alarming to think he might be having further heart problems that needed [...]

Podcast: The Power Of Chakras

Listen Here: Bestselling author, Dr. Susan Shumsky, is a highly respected spiritual teacher and pioneer in the field of human potential.  In this podcast, Susan discusses her latest book, The Power of Chakras: Unlock Your 7 Energy Centers [...]

Peace Born Of Itself

Most humans, just about all of us, are addicted to a variety of maps we assume necessary for our happiness. Having worked with people on successfully creating positive personal transformation for a couple of decades, I have found this to be [...]

Journey Through Human & Animal Hearts

Giving 15 minute, free, mini reading and healing sessions for animals and humans is a deep, fulfilling journey. Names are changed to respect confidentiality. It began last week. 44 people signed up. I welcome more. The process brings me deeper [...]

Podcast: Shattered: Finding Hope & Healing Through The Losses Of Life

Listen Here: Licensed Professional Counselor, Rita Schulte, is the author of the upcoming book Shattered: Finding Hope and Healing Through the Losses of Life and contributes to magazines such as Counseling Today and Thriving Family among [...]

When Facing Cancer, Compassionate, Caring Touch Matters

I first heard the word cancer when I was nine. No, it was not pertaining to a grandparent or an elderly family friend. It pertained to my cousin, who was 11. She aspired to become a doctor. She knew this was her calling since she was five. She [...]

Podcast: Soul Recovery – 12 Keys To Healing Addiction

Listen Here: Ester Nicholson, author of Soul Recovery – 12 Keys to Healing Addiction, has been a celebrated vocalist for big names such as Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Faith Hill, Beyoncé and Barbra Streisand and is now an acclaimed author [...]

People & Animals Heal From Open-Hearted Love

People come to me to heal hurt hearts from family dynamics (both human and animal). Heart-openings begin with tenderness toward what one finds in his/her own self! Occasionally, someone assumes I will “fix” their animal or spouse! Somebody [...]

You Are Loved When You Are Challenged

Therapy can be enjoyable, feel healthy, and create good experiences. Hi Friends. Last blog I suggested choosing inner-dialogue in a way that feels delicious and nurturing. I mentioned that PTSD, anxiety, and depression can be positive journeys.  [...]