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Does Karma Block Your Rights?

Almost no one speaks of karma when discussing rights, privileges, and equality. Whereas we are all born equal in the eyes of a Creator, and have bodies and emotions that are similar, hopes and aspirations that aim at happiness, and, most importantly, [...]

Entitlement, Privilege, and Karma

First let’s say it: life isn’t fair. That’s a fact. There are the Haves and the Have-Nots; some people seem a lot luckier or blessed than others. But here’s another fact: karma is absolutely and perfectly fair. You reap what you sow. [...]


My husband and I were goofing around about what our choices would be for our next lifetimes. Since we’re not spring chickens, this interesting conversation followed on the heels of some talks about karma, some introspection about life-reviewing, [...]
Instant Karma: The Myth We’ve Created

Instant Karma: The Myth We’ve Created

NOWHERE in John Lennon’s song does it talk about retribution and punishment. Yet, ever since Karma was introduced to the Westerner, it has been twisted to instill fear (shame and guilt). The song is about taking responsibility for who we really [...]

Karma Isn’t Hell, Nor Is It Something You Give To Others

There are a lot of misunderstandings about karma. I’ve heard people tell me they’d like some of that karma, they need karma… like it was protein! I’ve heard others say, I’m going to send good karma your way… like it was a Hallmark [...]

A Good Birth

Reincarnation is what allows us to learn wisdom as a consequence of our choices and actions. If you subscribe to Eastern philosophy, or if you have heard people’s reports following near-death experiences, or if you have had a past-life regression [...]