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Leader Do The Math

Greek mythology There are times when it seems that all forces are against us, regardless of our greatest intent and effort. Like the ancient Greek mythological king Sysyphus, we continue to push our boulder up the hill only to have it roll down [...]
Do You Have A Championship Organization?

Do You Have A Championship Organization?

Do you have a championship organization? Do you lead an organization that is in the top of its sector at the end of the year? Despite injuries, or occasional scuffles, does your team perform?  I am a diehard Steelers fan. I grew up watching [...]
The 2025 Leadership Crisis In Corporate America

Podcast: The 2025 Leadership Crisis In Corporate America

Listen Here: Dr. Nanette Miner is the Founder of and Managing Consultant for The Training Doctor, which helps companies develop their workforce. Dr. Miner says that with Baby Boomers retiring and Gen X being a MUCH smaller generation, corporate [...]
CEO of YOU-5 Things Even the Highest Leaders Don't Know

Podcast: CEO of YOU-5 Things Even the Highest Leaders Don’t Know

Listen Here: Dr. Andrew Wittman is a Leadership Expert and author of Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You, and he reveals five insider secrets about stress control and conflict management that even the highest levels of leadership don’t know! CEO [...]
The Case for Respect

Podcast: The Case for Respect

Listen Here: Gregg Ward is a former trainer for the New York City Police Department and an expert on leadership and workplace dynamics, author of the new book The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation. Research shows [...]
Front Line Leadership

Podcast: Front Line Leadership

Listen Here: Nick Ripplinger who proudly served seven years in the United States Army before being medically retired. Nick has since applied the leadership strategies he learned from his time in the military to build strong, dynamic, successful [...]
Innovative Leadership

Pocast: Innovative Leadership

Listen Here: Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia is the Senior Consultant and an Expert in Leadership Strategies, Team Building, Team Growth, Team Success and Personal Development. We’ll be discussing his new book Innovative Leadership.  Innovative [...]
Being a Leader with Courage

Podcast: Being a Leader with Courage

Listen Here: Lee Eisenstaedt is the Founder and CEO of Value Drivers, LLC. Lee interviewed 30 CEOs for his second book, Being A Leader With Courage:  How To Succeed In Your C-level Position In 18 Months Or Less. He sought to understand the [...]
Podcast: The Reluctant CEO

Podcast: The Reluctant CEO

Listen Here: John Calia is an executive coach, leadership speaker, business consultant and writer of the popular blog “Who Will Lead?” In his entrepreneurial career, he led three companies as CEO and is author of the book, The Reluctant [...]
Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership

Here’s top ten tips for organizational leaders who want to create a resilient organization: Three judges, professional dancers, and a cast of celebrities strategically work together each week to learn a new routine on the television program, [...]

Are You a Star Quarterback on a Winning Team?

The position of your team members is a part of your plan that you need to carefully define. Team roles are important to fulfill accurately so you have all the coverage you need for the abilities you desire. Each step of your action plan will [...]

Podcast: Using Conflict To Increase Productivity & Innovation

Listen Here: Lynne Eisaguirre is a workplace and leadership expert, former employment attorney and author of six books on workplace topics, including the Power of a Good Fight:  How to Embrace Conflict to Drive Productivity, Creativity, and [...]

Podcast: Disruptive Leadership Is A Good Thing

Listen Here: Fortune 500 Corporate Talent Expert, Speaker & Consultant, Angela Nuttle, is the author of From Invisible to Incredible: The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence joins us today to discuss disruptive leadership and why it’s [...]

Podcast: Get Your Organization Unstuck

Listen Here: Peter Boni is an entrepreneur, consultant and author of All Hands On Deck: Navigating your team through crises, getting your organization unstuck and emerging victorious.  His insight has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, [...]

Podcast: Bring Order To Chaos At Work

Listen Here: Katharine Halpin is the CEO and founding principal of The Halpin Companies, and an expert in bringing order to chaos. She works with CEOs, leaders and their teams. Katharine is the author of Alignment for Success: Bringing [...]

What Sarah Palin and Lebron James Have in Common . . . Sort Of

I admit it. I had a lot of problems with Sarah Palin. What I had the most problems with her was when she was running for Vice President of this country. It was her attitude about education and elitism that ‘got me”. With her degree from [...]

Podcast: The Loneliness of Leadership

Listen Here: Executive search professional, Keith Kefgen, is often referred to as a “king maker.”  Recruiting C-Suite leaders for hospitality companies over the last two decades has given Keith an insight into what makes leaders tick. [...]

Podcast: How To Be A Successful Thinker

Listen Here: Corey Jahnke is a high-performance coach, speaker and author of The Successful Thinker, a simple story that reveals the 7 Laws Of 21St Century Leadership and the strategies and tactics that Successful Thinkers use to create [...]

What Is An Ugly Win And Why We Want Them

In sports they call them ugly wins. But in sports a win is still a win. There is no asterisk by an ugly win. It counts just like any other win. Whether the team came from 30 points behind or almost lost a big lead, it counts like any other win. [...]
Do You Know When to Follow and When to Lead? It Took LeBron 13,322 Days to Learn

Do You Know When to Follow and When to Lead? It Took LeBron 13,322 Days to Learn

Cleveland waited 13,322 days. For 13,322 days fans held their breath. Four years adds up to 13,322 days of losing, and not being a part of the sports world. The Q, the building where the Cavaliers play, waited 13,322 days to be relevant once [...]

Podcast: 30 Days To Clients & Cash Flow

Listen Here: Victor Ekpo Bassey specializes in helping professionals become commercially savvy and highly paid for their expertise. Entrepreneurs, authors and corporate executives alike, anyone can build empires around their knowledge, expertise [...]

Podcast: Run Improve Grow: Your Roadmap From Firefighting To Bold Business Growth

Listen Here: Ray Attiyah is an entrepreneur, innovator, international speaker, and Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Definity Partners (a professional training firm that focuses on process, technology and leadership improvement). Ray [...]

Sports: We Can Learn As Much About What NOT To Do As What To Do

Sports “guys” have written about the lessons sports can teach business and the world. They have written books, become well paid speakers, and evolved into respected talking heads experts like Stephen A. Smith. John Wooden wrote Pyramid of [...]

Why You Should Care About Servant Leadership

I know, we’ve all heard it. Often, it does not matter if you are a professional in safety, HR, talent management, organizational effectiveness, executive leadership, consulting, the media, the speaking industry, recruiting, or an entrepreneur: [...]

Podcast: Hacking Leadership

Listen Here: Mike Myatt is a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and boards. He has been recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the preeminent leadership thinkers globally, is widely regarded as America’s Top CEO coach, is the author of Leadership [...]

There Is No Crying In Coaching: Why And When We Need To Suck It Up

The COACHING class, Principles of Coaching, at The University of Akron has garnered interest around the sports world. ESPN wrote about it this summer as news of former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel teaching a class on coaching ricocheted among [...]

Podcast: Women Transforming Our World

Listen Here: Giselle Shapiro is a visionary leader working to create a new paradigm of feminine leadership, who says it will be the voices of women that will change the world. Giselle is co-author of award winning best-selling book Ready, [...]

Second Place Is A Myth: It Rarely Catapults You To First Place

Second best is not even close to the Brass Ring. Vice Presidents rarely become president, and back-up quarterbacks rarely rise to permanent status as starting QB. Did you ever think about why? What are the skills of a back-up and what are the [...]

Awaken Corporate Creativity

In an increasingly complex, volatile and challenging economy, many leaders are looking to find ways to decrease costs and increase revenue-producing projects. The answer lies in beefing up organizational creativity.  Increased creativity can [...]

Goodyear: The Rubber First Met the Road in Akron Ohio

I grew up in Akron, Ohio . . . When I was in elementary school we were actually taught that when the question was where are you from? The answer was Akron, Oh – Rubber Capital of the World. And then we were not. When the rubber companies [...]

The Leadership Of Women

Do women make good leaders? Today’s focus is on not about who is a better leader. We need both male and female characteristics to lead well. Here’s why women can be top-notch leaders and managers that engage and motivate their staff. In [...]

Traits Of A Strong Innovative Leader

Being a leader. “The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.” [...]

Leadership, Heroism & Selflessness

2012 marked the passing of some incredible leaders. A few, like US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf, were public figures.  Others, like teacher Victoria Soto or Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung and their Newtown, Connecticut colleagues, [...]

You’re Good But Could You Be Great?

My 14-year old son Bryce has played basketball for five years and in that time has always been a starter for whatever team he played on. He’s fast, he’s tall and he’s strong for his age so he’s been something of a go-to [...]

Ever Feel Like A Sitting Duck? Halloween Jokes & FRANKENSTORM!

Hey, Annie here.  Creator of JenningsWire. Yesterday was a really spooky day for me.  On the one hand I was posting our Halloween scary stories to JenningsWire about ghosts, haunted houses and paranormal activity and on the other I was playing ‘beat [...]