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Life Is Too Short: Get Off Your Cell Phone

During my youth, my dad took me fishing. My mom took me on bicycle rides. My dad shouldered me with a small daypack for hikes in the woods. He pointed out chattering squirrels. He helped me see my first deer. He pointed out a fox on a ridge. [...]

Your Best Teacher May Be Somebody You Don’t Like

We’ve all come across people in our life that rub us the wrong way. The neighbor who’s irritated by the fact that your dog’s relieving itself on their lawn. The clerk who’s more interested in talking to her colleague than helping you [...]

Podcast: Where Will I Live Now? Housing Options For Seniors

Listen Here: Tony Burke is the author of Where Will I Live Now? which explores the challenges of providing new living accommodations for elderly parents and helps guide the search and offers tools to make informed decisions at a very hard [...]

Does Praying Help?

Most of us have done a major plea to the Universe when we’re in an extreme situation. “God, help me! I’ve lost control of the car, make me safe, make me safe…” sweating out the seconds until you are finally stopped, shaking and [...]

My “Four Weddings And A Funeral”

Sometimes life loads you up with a flurry of events so packed together and so important to you that you can barely stop for a breath lest you miss the “this is life” intensity of it all. This weekend I’m attending my daughter-in-law’s [...]