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How To Organize

Remember The Basics Of Getting Your Life And Space Organized

In just a few months I will need to renew my certification as a Professional Organizer. Yes, there really is a three-hour test, requirements and hoops to jump through to get certified! You might think that the test involves how to sort, toss, [...]

Podcast: Epic Content Marketing

Listen Here: Author, speaker and entrepreneur Joe Pulizzi is the author of the new book “Epic Content Marketing”.  Joe says that nine out of ten marketers use content marketing in some way. The problem?  Just one in three are seeing [...]

Five Quick Tips For Cheering Up Your Workspace

You probably spend more time in your workspace than in any other one single place, unless you get that elusive eight hours of sleep every night. We all react to our surroundings to some extent. So any time and energy you put into enhancing your [...]

Make Your Marketing Easier With SYSTEMS

The best marketing ideas or business development strategies won’t help you grow your business if they don’t get executed consistently. The most common marketing problem I find happening with small business owners is that the business development [...]

What No App For This?

Creators need stuff in order to make their magical ideas come to life, but managing all that material can be overwhelming, and your IPad won’t help. The way you keep all the things that inspire your ideas, is as important as having the supplies [...]